Laptop Chips specializes in assisting businesses with their IT challenges. IT refreshes can be extremely stressful and you might have many tasks to achieve. Laptop Chips can create a custom business plan that will dramatically simplify the process. If an organization needs guidance with any of the following tasks, Laptop Chips can help:

Computer Recycling
This service is commonly started prior to an IT refresh, but can be accomplished at anytime. Laptop Chips will prepare an estimated value on your end of life equipment and assist with setting up the most efficient refresh process.

Data Destruction
Data destruction is the most crucial task with all end of life IT equipment. Laptop Chips has a data destruction model implemented that ensures all disk drives are in compliance with all DoD 5220.22-M standards.

Asset Disposition
Laptop Chips is a proud member of the Wisconsin E-Cycle Program. This program is consumer based, but we hold the same standards for our business clients as well. All equipment recycled by Laptop Chips is in accordance with federal, state, and local environmental standards.

Reverse Logistics
Physically managing IT equipment in multiple locations can be a big hassle. Laptop Chips' cutting edge inventory management software removes all headaches from customer returns, equipment management and freight tracking.

Closing a Facility/Downsizing
As the times change and the economy drags, IT assets can pile up in storage closest or get stuffed into empty cubicles losing value every day. Laptop Chips can assist with the removal of these assets and assure proper handling.
Is your business looking for new ways to process customer returns or overstock equipment? Laptop Chips' vast customer base is always buying these products.